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 March  2011

 Dear Emmanuelites,

                 Greetings in the most precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

 When the Lord Jesus called the first disciples, He told them, “Come, follow Me, and I will send you out to fish for people” (Matt. 4:19).


Our Lord made it clear from the very beginning that our life as Christians or followers of Jesus would not be a ‘bed of roses.’

Yes, we have been assured of eternal life and heaven.

We have been forgiven of our sins and will never be separated from God again.

We have been promised to experience joy and peace in this troubled and sinful world; but never a worry-free or an easy life. 

 In fact, the moment we became a Christian or believer of the Lord Jesus Christ is also the same time we became a member of His spiritual army.   We have become a soldier of Jesus Christ! And aside from our enemy, Satan and his forces, whom we are called to fight and wrestle with; we are also given the command and commission to CONQUER the nations or peoples in the Name and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ!  (Matt. 28:18-20).

This is the essence of the E-CONQUEST campaign! Motivated by our love for the Lord Jesus and our compassion for lost people, we want to be a significant part of this God-honoring and Christ-exalting endeavor.  




We have specially written these daily devotionals to inspire you to CONQUER victoriously for Christ. To Him be all the glory, honor, and praise!    



Prepared and written by:


Elder Dee Quirino

Pastor Valentino P. Natcher

These daily devotionals will be published daily on this site for the campaign dates March 13-April23 2011, so do come back to read them online.

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