The Christian Can Know About His Very Special Future Today


special future

For those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, they can know and rest in the fact that regardless of what happened in the past, or what the current circumstances are, our future, our ver special future in fact, is secure as we forget the past and as we focus on the Lord who is in control of everything.

As what our pastor shared in Isaiah 43: 19,

“See, I am doing a new thing! Do you not perceive it?.”

Forget the Past.

Here the Lord exhorts His people Israel and us today, to “forget the former things”. Particularly, it may refer to their condition at that time when they were experiencing hardship and suffering from the hands of their enemies, the Babylonians, who invaded Judah, destroyed its cities, and had taken many of them as captives into their land. Indeed, it was a painful past. And what made it more painful and hurtful was the fact that all this happened because they disobeyed the Lord their God and His Word as proclaimed by His faithful prophets like Isaiah. But Praise the Lord! Here He gives a vision of comfort and hope to them. The first thing that God tells them to do is to forget the “former things”!

The Lord knows that as human beings, we tend to go to the extremes. On the one hand, as persons we tend to “glory in our past successes” and on the other end, we likewise tend to “wallow over our failures”. The former makes us proud. We must remember that the Bible teaches us that pride leads to destruction while the latter makes us unfruitful and ineffective as a person. Thus, the Lord wants us to learn from our past but to live in the present and as we look forward to the special future that He is preparing for us.

Look forward to the “special future” that he is preparing for us!

Focus on the Lord.

 Let us look back again at verse 19, the Lord exhorts His people to “open their spiritual eyes” in order to see what He is doing. What this tells us is that the Lord is preparing something special for us far greater and glorious than what we had in the past. In detail, we do not know what this is all about but in general and based on the words used to describe it, it is something grand and glorious!

As I reflect on this scripture passage, the Lord challenges all of us who believe in His Name, to believe His Word and put our full trust in His power and grace in my life. He wants us to see and understand that our God is powerful and yet merciful. He will make a ‘way” in the desert of our life and he will make a “stream” in the wasteland of our life. In other words, God can do the impossible in our life. This is precisely the reason we, as the people of the Lord, should focus our “eyes of faith” on the Lord. We are to “fix our eyes on Jesus the Author and Perfector of our faith.”

So therefore, know your special future today!

And we can know our special future today because the Lord has given us the Bible to guide and reveal to us our bright and secure future in the Lord Jesus Christ.

That is, if you will believe in Him today.

This was taken from Pastor Val’s Shepherd Notes at Emmanuel Church when he spoke of the Christian’s special future.

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