The Calling of the Christian – To Follow The Heartbeat of God and Be A Fisher of Men

The Heartbeat of God.

Our pastor, on several occasions narrated of a powerful illustration he will never forget. He relays that while in a conference, one of the speakers spoke about the heartbeat of  God. This particular speaker vividly explained to them that if the Lord had a heartbeat, and that if we were to listen intently and hear this very heartbeat of God, this is what we will rhythmically hear: “souls, souls, souls, souls”.

What is the heartbeat of God?


Indeed, what the speaker was trying to point out was that was, and what continues to consume our God. What energizes, excites and gives joy to the Lord our God are souls – that is the salvation of sinners like you and me. This is the heartbeat of God.  It is God’s very heart’s desire and longing – to see sinners like us come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ! But we can never embrace this passion for souls unless the Lord captures our own hearts first and foremost, just like the case of the Apostle Paul.

The Lord Captured the Heart of Paul.

Acts 9 records the miraculous encounter of the Paul (who at that time was still named Saul) with the Lord Jesus Christ at Damascus. Saul was zealous for the cause of Moses and his adherence to the Law, that he thought the Lord was pleased with his life, especially since he was persecuting these Christians. These supposed followers of the “The Way” were disturbing the peace of their nation and religion. In this divine encounter, the Lord’s grace overcame the stubbornness and unbelief of Saul. Finally, Saul’s spiritual eyes were opened and for the first time saw the truth – that he was actually persecuting the Lord’s Jesus Christ. His named was then changed from Saul to Paul. Now, the Bible accounts that Paul was never the same again after that encounter with the Lord Jesus. He was radically changed. In fact, he received a divine mandate to preach the Gospel to Gentiles.

The Apostle Paul Captured The Heartbeat of God.

There is no doubt. Paul captured the very heartbeat of the Lord. We read in Romans 10:1-4, the very expression of his heart’s desire and longing -to see the salvation of his fellow Jews. His enthusiasm and zeal were focused on preaching and teaching the Gospel to all men, Jews and Gentiles alike. His greatest desire and goal was the fulfilment of the Great Commission, when multitudes of people will finally turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of their souls.

As Christians today, what has captured our hearts? What is the greatest longing of our hearts today? What consumes us and gives us the greatest joy and satisfaction? When the Lord Jesus redeemed us, He revealed himself to us. He has given us a divine calling – to be fishers of men, as stated in Mark 1:17. Just like Paul, may this be the desire, longing and prayer of our hearts.

This post was based on Pastor Val’s shepherd notes , “The heartbeat of God.”

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