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EVision Devotional Journal of ECMI

The best time to start with daily powerful devotions is today. God is speaking to you. God loves you. God wants you to respond to His call with a spiritual journal. I will repeat what I wrote earlier in a different way. Journaling, daily for at least an hour, has made a profound effect in my life in my response of desiring to intimately walk with God. There is no greater joy than a life of simple and pure devotion to Christ. A spiritual journal, may just be that turning point, for you to indeed experience a life to the full as God planned for you all along Continue reading

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A timely lesson in driving – “Bless those who curse you”

Driving is stressful. The difficult and challenging conditions really takes its toll on the driver’s patience. It is also a very goood test of character as it can reveal the inner attitudes of the heart and mind of the one in control of the wheel. Continue reading

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The Fight of Faith

Therefore, the believers’ fight of faith is all about our struggle with sin caused by our sinful nature that we have inherited from Adam. The good news is that our Lord Jesus has given us a new and divine nature through the Holy Spirit which empowers us to live extraordinary and overcoming lives.
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Sin shall reign no more!

Therefore, it is one thing to know and understand that we are “dead to sin” and “alive to God” in Christ Jesus; and it is another thing to live and act like one. In other words, if you say you are a disciple of the Lord Jesus or a Christian, then live like one. Continue reading

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