Prayer is NOT….

Prayer is not considered by many to be as instinctive as breathing, sleeping or eating for that matter.

I think it should be though…

We have many notions and misconceptions about what prayer is.

To help you, I would like to share my list of what Prayer is not…

 What Prayer is Not..


1)      Prayer isn’t about you controlling   but   Prayer is your surrender to God and releasing burdens to Him.prayer isn't controlling

Have you ever experienced pouring your heart out before the Lord and just waiting on Him to release His mercy and grace on you?  Have you ever felt that wonderful, refreshing touch on your life?  Clearly, it is not about us.  As we surrender everything we hold dear and release your burdens, they get lifted up and out…and you are set free!

Sometimes we a Christians tend to treat prayer as a “genie session” where we get to express what our proverbial three wishes are.  Surrender all your concerns and pour out your heart to the Lord instead.




prayer isn't a demand draft


2)      Prayer isn’t a demand draft but Prayer is by God’s grace and His Sovereignty.

Let me get back to my “genie” illustration.  Our prayer should not be dominated by,

“Lord I need this and that”  or “Lord please provide me this and that…” or even “Lord heal him or her..”

It should be an outright acknowledgement that everything is by God’s grace and His Sovereignty.  God is able and He is more than sufficient.  We have to trust Him to act and be at peace.


3)      Prayer isn’t a Mantra or mechanical formula nor an Incantation but Prayer is positional (relationship with God).prayer isn't a mantra

It is a matter of relationship – a love relationship to be more precise.  We are children of God and it is in this context that we are drawn closer to God.  As we draw near to Him, spend time meditating on His Word, we get to know Him more intimately and so we are changed.  More importantly, the things we pray for and anticipate from Him also change.





prayer isn't freewheeling4)      Prayer isn’t “freewheeling” or “anything goes” but Prayer is Reverence for the Lord and Worship of Triune God.


Sure, as children of the Father, we can come freely into His throne of grace.  However, we must never lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with the God of the Universe, the Creator of heaven and earth.  We must come before Him in reverence.  He must increase and we must decrease.


5)      Prayer isn’t a “mind thing” or is measurable/tangible but Prayer is of the heart, is faith-based, and is granted from Heaven.   prayer isn't a mind thing




prayer is not logical6)      Prayer is not  logical, cause-and-effect, nor is it scientific but Prayer is Truth-based, Biblically taught, and modeled by Christ Jesus.




7)      Prayer is not object-oriented but Prayer is Person-oriented (communicating that must include listening).prayer is not object -oriented

Praying with Scripture is one of the best ways we can include our listening to the Lord in this communication process.



Prayer is not about an attack8)      Prayer is not about “an attack” but Prayer is spiritual warfare.




9)      Prayer isn’t mere words/thoughts/rules nor is it invented by man/religion but Prayer is a response to God, supernatural, in the Spirit’s presence.prayer is not being a lone ranger







10)   Prayer is not being a Lone Ranger but Prayer is a communing relationship with God.  Prayer is Jesus (Mediator) praying for you.


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We hope our list of what “Prayer is Not…” has helped you.



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2 Responses to Prayer is NOT….

  1. Karla Richter (Andrew) says:

    Just wondered how you are doing. Hopefully I have the right person and you check this. I saw the news about the Philipines. Send me an email if you get a chance. I’d love to hear how things are going since you went home. I have three boys now and am living in KY with a great husband.

  2. Dee Quirino III says:

    Hi Karla,

    It’s Dee, right. Of EIU. great to hear from you! I have two boys, three short of a basketball team, and married to a wonderful wife. we were not affected as much by the severe weather that hit the south. There’s always the threat of quakes because we are in that prone area. Sorry wasn t able to correspond earlier. I was looking for you at EIU directory but you had moved ….. to Kentucky, I’m sure that’s a nice place to live at. Regards to your extended family also if they still remember me???? God bless and I pray for the Lord’s blessings to abound in your life. too bad EIU football lost in the qtrfinals

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