PICS Ministry

The Lord has impressed it upon our hearts that our children are our very first ministry.  Spending much time on campus and getting to know both our kids’ classmates and their parents,  the Lord gave us a burden to minister to my co-parents in the current school where my children are studying – Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy.  Our group first met together in late October of 2015.

Parents Interceding for Children and the School  (PICS)

Parents do all they can to help, support and protect their children. So far, a group of parents have committed to regularly meet together to comprehensively pray for our school and their children.  Believing that there is power in prayer, they act on their faith, stand in the gap and implore God’s intervention and grace for the various aspects of the school’s day-to-day operations.  Specific needs for specifically named students are also brought forth in prayer.

TFCA Parents Interceding for Children and the School

TFCA Parents Interceding for Children and the School

Last November 2016, the core group  tparents came together in fellowship for our first year anniversary…

This photo was taken sometime in July 2016 when the school president and Principal visited and joined our group.

Principal Andrew Tan, TFCA President Bishop Ray Llarena, Eden Quirino, Violeta Gunio, Rhonalie Junsay, Marisol Salarda, Joyce Sato, Maryknoll Tabucol, Joan Mendez, Berly Flores, Liza Mangao, Carlo Atienza (Second row) Jong Oreta, Dee Quirino, Daisy Leocadio, Bernadette Rallonza, Ed Piastro, Annaliza Mariano, Sheryl Lacap

What we pray for in PICS


  2. For additional enrollees
  3. For retention of current enrollees
  4. For the timely hiring of qualified and Christian personnel
  5. That operations will profitably sustain and fund its programs and facilities
    1. That TFCA will fulfill the Vision, Mission and Core Values
    2. That the administration, management and teachers will have wisdom and discernment in the formulation and implementation of polices, conduct of programs, and the seeing through of day-to-day operations
    1. For protection against:
      • calamities (acts of God)
      • acts of violence and malicious misinformation, robbery/theft (acts of men),
      • fire
      • occurrences of injuries /accidents/mishaps
      1. That all personnel involved and connected to TFCA such as the owners, administrators, officers, teachers, alumni and students:
        • Will personally seek the wisdom and guidance of the Lord
        • Will depend on God for their needs and their lives
        • Will submit wholeheartedly to authority
        • Will have harmonious relationships with one another
        1. That TFCA will be able to competently adjust to the ever changing and competitive educational environment by pursuing:
          • Excellence
          • Standardization of operations
          • Accreditation (in the long run)
        2. PROGRAMS
          1. For the success of upcoming plans, programs and scheduled activities based on the school calendar
          2. That whatever plans, programs and activities will be in line with the Philosophy, Vision, Mission and Core Values
          1. That the reputation of TFCA will not only be for academic excellence but more of a strong, living, breathing, Christian testimony in the lives of the people associated with it including but not limited to administrators, officers, teachers, alumni and students


  1. Matters of FAITH
    1. That they will be saved by believing and recognizing Jesus as their Lord and Savior ( 1Cor15)
    2. That they will know, love and obey God’s Word/Scripture/Bible
  2. Matters of CHARACTER
    1. That they will have wisdom and discernment
    2. That they will have a servants’ heart
    3. That they will learn obedience and submission to authority
    4. That they will have kindness, compassion
    5. That they be diligent and responsible
    6. That they will learn and exercise self-control and self-discipline
    7. That they will internalize and practice TFCA’s Philosophy,Vision, Mission and Core Values
  3. Matters of SAFETY
    1. For their physical health and safety
    2. For spiritual protection (against oppression/attacks and ungodly influences)
    3. For their emotional well-being

Who can Join PICS?

Only Parents of kids currently enrolled at the school may join PICS. Parents who are unavailable however may “authorize” a grandparent, a sibling or a trusted caregiver to take part on their behalf.

Employees of TFCA are not allowed to join the meetings because of the conflict in the time sked. They are required to be at their respective posts. If they are parents however, they may choose to participate via an “authorized representative”. Only the parents of the child may fill up forms and authorizations.

When does PICS happen?

The parents of PICS, led by the husband and wife team of Dee and Eden Quirino meet on alternate Wednesday mornings (every two weeks) at a very short and early time slot of 7:15-8:20am.

Why did you set the meeting at such an early time and with very short sessions?

We recognize the tight schedule and physical demands that all parents have. They need to do a lot of things. We set the time to address the availability of those who bring their children to school, and then have to proceed to their next task or occupation for the day.

How do I participate in PICS?

Prepare the following for each enrolled child

  1. 1 short folder and a 2×2 recent photo of child
  2. 2. Filled up Child Profile Form signed by parent
  3. 3. other Filled up forms
  4. 4. A ballpen
  5. 5. A bible

Attend the meetings at the scheduled time at the basement.

What benefits will I receive when I participate in PICS?

  1. You will be able to pray for other children.
  2. Other parents will be praying for your children.
  3. You will have the opportunity to bless families and the school. 4. You will learn insights from the Bible. 5. You will experience the joy of praying with other parents.

If I am unable to physically participate, how else can I be a part of PICS?

Pray for this endeavor. Pray that parents will learn to resort to prayer as a first and reliable option for any and all concerns. Pray that God will bless this undertaking with spiritual breakthroughs.