New Testament Story Book Challenge

ECMI New Testament Storybook Challenge

aka “Mannequin Challenge”


What is a Mannequin Challenge?

It is a group or team effort which involves actual living people to portray a “snapshot” of a scene or event as best as they can.

This will employ resources necessary to present this “snapshot” or creatively as they can. They may or may not use recycled materials/costumes/backdrops.

They may also use real landscapes or backgrounds but only if it is practical and doable for them. We can not over emphasize that the use of gestures, body stances and facial expressions are also important in bringing the elements of the “picture” message to the audience.

It is called a “mannequin challenge” since the participants are “frozen” (not moving ,just like a mannequin throughout the shooting of the scene.

The team will video record (pan) their scene from one end to another, with the use of appropriate zooming in and out to emphasize only the relevant details.

Activity Mechanics

1. Participants will be organized as groups with a minimum of 7 members and a maximum of 30 members. The members of the groups must be participants of a small group at ECMI.

2. The group representative will select from the “Scriptural Stories / Bible Passages to be provided by Pastor David Dimayuga. These are basically bible stories from the New Testament. Once a group selects a particular passage, it is taken off a list. Groups are therefore advised to choose early so that they have more choices.

3. The participants are to study the narrative behind the Scriptural passage, imagine and visualize the setting, and decide how best they will portray it without using any words or motions.

4. The scene will non-moving positional gesture, blocking, stance, facial expressions and supplemental backgrounds or stage props. The output must be in MP4, which is the common video format of smartphones of any brand.

5. Since the groups are to tell the story based on the scripture passage they chose, they will produce at least “3” pictures with recordings not exceeding 2 minutes each. So when the video is viewed continuously, it should only have a running time of 6 minutes. It is the group’s prerogative to opt for a shorter (less than 6 min) event.

6. The group has the option to have a voice over narrator (must fit in the 6min time limit) or to just have written captions on bond paper that will be video recorded as well. They may also choose to have appropriate background music.

7. Groups are encouraged to exercise excellent stewardship and are discouraged from spending money to buy props or costumes. The activity encourages recycling of the things we already have. The use of make-up/cosmetics or special lighting are optional.

8. The criteria for judging are:

a. Creativity (conceptual interpretation) –                                     20%

b. Facial Expression and Gestures –                                                20%

c. Appropriateness     (must be Non-Offensive and

faithful to the biblical Narrative /Teaching                                  20%

d. Group Participation (not the effort of 1)                                    15%

e. Audience Impact (Positive Reviews)                                           15%

f. Time Management (6 mins or less)                                              10%

TOTAL                                                              100%


Mannequin Challenge Sample Video

This sample video was prepared by the chaplain of the Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy, Pastor Adrian Jayobo.  It shows the presentation of the Grade 3 class during their celebration of the National Bible Month.  They are depicting the story of  “The Prodigal Son”.