E-Guide Lesson # 6


E-Guide Series            :  “E-FORCE:  Advancing the E-VISION”

Lesson Title                :  “E-GROUP – Experiencing the E-LIFE!”

Lesson Text                 :   Acts 2: 40-47



            The Book of Acts records the birth, growth, and spread of Christianity during the first century. Here in Acts 2, we see the basic Christian community without buildings, choirs, Sunday Schools, or seminaries. Yet even amidst strong opposition and severe persecutions they continue to grow tremendously.



1) Choose any of the icebreakers:     

      (a) Complete the sentence:  “E-group is important to me          because…”. 

      (b) Ask each member of the group to share one important blessing or benefit they derive in attending the e-group meeting.  



1) Start your time of praise and worship by asking the group to thank the Lord for your e-group and making you a part of it.   

2) Spend time worshiping the Lord and end the session by asking the Lord to bless the rest of the meeting.        



1) Ask one or two persons to read Acts 2:42-47.       

2) Review last Sunday’s sermon through the bulletin. Highlight    the main points and summarize. 

3) Ask the group to share one important lesson that they have    learned from the message.            

4) According to Acts 2:40-41, how did people in the NT times become part of the Christian Church? (By believing in Jesus as the Messiah and acknowledging Him as Savior and Lord).

5) What were the major activities of the early Church?  (Instruction in the Word, “apostles’ teachings”; Fellowship and prayer; Communion and worship;  giving and service).

6) According to verse 47, is success in winning people to the Lord (evangelism) a result of the Church’s work or the Lord’s work?        (TIP:  From the text, it is clear that when the Church does the        right things, the Lord responds to bless! If we do our part, God       will do His part. As pointed out by Paul, one plants, the other waters, but the Lord gives the increase or growth! In         evangelism, He is the Lord of harvest!).         

7) What do you think is the implication of this truth to us as   members of this e-group today? 

8) What can we do today to help our e-group/church become the   church that Jesus wants it to be? 



1)  Spend time praying for your “oikos list” and continue planning   for a SMALL and BIG event where you can invite or bring your invites.

2) Remind your group of the upcoming important events: 

  • E-Conquest Celebration on April 24, 2011 @ 9:00 AM @ ECMI Worship Center.
  • Encounter Emmanuel (EGR) @ April 30-31, 2011.
  • ECMI Youth Camp @ Rizal Caliraya Resort @ May 20-22, 2011

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