E-Guide Lesson # 5


E-Guide Series            :  “E-FORCE:  Advancing the E-VISION”

Lesson Title                :  “COMMUNICATING CHRIST–IN WORD & DEED”

Lesson Text                 :   1 Peter 3:15, 16; Col. 4:5, 6



            The Book of 1 Peter is a short letter but it touches on various doctrines and subjects. In 1 Peter 3, Peter teaches us how we should behave in view of the coming of the end of all things or how we should live in the end times. While Colossians 4 consists of various exhortations for Christians to take heed and obey.



1) Lead the group in playing the “PASS THE MESSAGE” game.    Modify the game by requiring the participants to wear clothes    (long sleeves for men and pants for women) while passing the    message. 

2)  Prepare the materials for the game and prizes for the winners.   You can assign the game to your interns or trainees.



1) Spend time worshiping the Lord through songs that speaks of    our obedience to the Great Commission like “Go Forth!” “Power of His Love” 

2) You close the session by praying a prayer of thanksgiving and   asking the Lord to bless the meeting and your study of the Word.        



1) Ask the men to read 1 Peter 3:15,16 and the ladies to read Col.    4:5, 6.       

2)  Review last Sunday’s sermon through the bulletin. Highlight   the main points and summarize. 

3)  Ask the group to share one important lesson that they have   learned from the message.            


4) Based on 1 Peter 3 and Col. 4 and other practical considerations, how should we respond to those who ask us about the hope that we have in Christ?  (Possible Answers: We are to be ready, to be gentle, to be gracious, to be clear about the        message, to be accurate, to be honest, etc.).    

5) In a scale of 0 to 10 (0-being not ready and 10 – as being    ready), how would you rate your readiness to share the Gospel to others?  Why? 



1) Spend time praying for your “oikos list” and planning a SMALL   and BIG event where you can invite or bring your invites.

2) If there is still time, you can pair up and take turns practice   sharing your two minute testimony.  Share your testimony again this week.      

3)  Remind your group of the upcoming important events:  

  • E-Conquest Celebration on April 24, 2011 @ 9:00 AM @ ECMI Worship Center.
  • Encounter Emmanuel Weekend (EGR) @ April 30-31, 2011.













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