E-Guide Lesson # 4


E-Guide Series            :  “E-FORCE:  Advancing the E-VISION”

Lesson Title                :  “RENEWAL – Pursuing Spiritual Disciplines”

Lesson Text                 :   Selected Passages



            The Bible and experience teach that pursuing spiritual disciplines is a divine necessity for believers. Though we are sanctified by believing in Jesus and what He accomplished for us on the Cross, our practical sanctification calls for daily discipline of obedience and submission to Christ’s commands. And it includes pursuing biblical spiritual disciplines. This lesson will tackle the “BIG 3” of spiritual disciplines, namely: (1) Bible reading and meditation, (2)  Prayer, and (3)  E-group and Worship meeting.


A.  WELCOME TIME (Do any of the ffg. ice breakers)

1) Are you reading your Bible regularly and meditating on it?     Why not?

2) How would you describe your prayer life? Fervent or Lukewarm or Cold? Why?

3) Do you seek to bless the Body of Christ the Church, by your regular presence in your corporate meetings through e-groups and Sunday Celebrations? Why not?     



1) Start this worship time by individually confessing your sins and shortcomings to the Lord by failing to pursue your spiritual disciplines; thus grieving the Holy Spirit.   

2) Spend a time of praise and worship and close the session by    claiming the Lord’s forgiveness, cleansing and sanctification in the Name and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.      



1) Ask three persons to read each of the passage for today: 2 Peter 3:18;  Eph. 6:18; Heb. 10: 24,25.

2) Review last week’s sermon through the Bulletin. Highlight main points and summarize.        

2) Ask the group to share one important lesson that they have learned from the sermon.            

4) What do you think is the one thing or two that is keeping you from “growing in God’s Word”, “glowing in God’s power”, and “glorifying His Name”?  Be specific.      

5) In 1 Tim. 4: 7-10 what is the advice of Paul to all those who wants to pursue spiritual discipline and grow in our relationship with Jesus our Lord? 

6)  What are the practical things that we can do to train ourselves to be godly? (TIP: Answers could be: Prioritize your activities; Manage your time and resources well; Choose your friends; Do a personal spiritual inventory; Be accountable to someone or have an accountability partner; Commit to be a part of an e-group; use your gift/talent in the church; Set spiritual goals like reading the whole Bible or sharing the gospel to certain number of people per year; etc.).                  

       (TIP: Close the session by praying for your e-group members and committing them to the Lord to bless them and empower       them to change and make adjustments in their spiritual lives.    Pray that the Spirit will continue to convict them to draw near to Jesus and submit to His Lordship over their lives.  Challenge them to receive again the Lord into their hearts!  There’s no harm doing this).                                         



1) Instruct your group to share again their testimony to their best    friend or any of their FRANC this coming week and share their experience next meeting. 

2)  Ask them to pair up and take turns practice sharing their two   minute testimony. Then, tell them to pray for one another and ask God to give them courage and boldness to share their testimony this coming week.       

3) Remind your group of the upcoming important event especially the E-Conquest Celebration on April 24, 2011 @ 9:00 AM @        ECMI Worship Center.

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