E-Guide Lesson # 3


E-Guide Series            :  “E-FORCE:  Advancing the E-VISION”

Lesson Title                :  “MY OVERCOMING LIFE – The Greatest  Evangelistic Tool”

Lesson Text                 :   Gal. 1:11 – 2:10



            The Book of Galatians is one of Paul’s most personal letters written in the New Testament. It tells us of Paul’s concern for the churches he planted and his desire to guard the purity of the Gospel that he preached. In this study, Paul shares to us how he came to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.


A.   WELCOME TIME (Do any of the ice breakers)

1) Ask your group the question: “Have you already shared the Gospel to someone using your own personal testimony? Why  not?      

2) Report or share what happened to your planned activities last week (for those in the “oikos list” undergoing a time of change       or crisis).   



1) Spend this time thanking and praising the Lord for WHO HE IS       and WHAT HE HAS DONE in our life especially in giving us a Savior even the Lord Jesus Christ.       

2) Spend a time of praise and worship and close the session by    singing “THANK YOU LORD FOR SAVING MY SOUL!”   



1)  Assign two or three people to read Gal. 1:11 – 2:10.

2) Review last week’s sermon through the Bulletin. Highlight main points and summarize.        

3) Ask the group to share one important lesson that they have learned from the message.            

4) PV shared to us Paul’s testimony and we learned that one of the   most powerful tool of evangelism is our testimony. This is     because:  

a.      It is personal and from the heart.

b.      You have credibility with your audience.

c.       No one can deny its reality.

d.      It’s non-threatening.

e.      It can be adapted to each individual’s felt needs. 


5) PV also taught us that Paul’s testimony could be used as a pattern in making and writing our very own testimony. At this       time, give out the Personal Testimony Handout and distribute to members. Instruct the group to write phrases under each section to help them share their testimony. They don’t need to write complete sentences for the phrases will serve as memory prompters. 

      (TIP:  Your personal testimony could actually be shared in 2 or       5 or 10 or more minutes depending on the situation. The advantage of a two minute testimony is that the listener is not       easily bored with a short talk).    


6) When all are done, share your two minute testimony. Then solicit one or two volunteers to share their two minute testimony.



1) Instruct the group that their assignment this coming week is to        share their testimony to their best friend or any of their FRANC.  They are to share their experience. 

2) Ask them to pair up and take turns practice sharing their two minute testimony. Then, tell them to pray for one another and ask God to give them courage and boldness to share their testimony this coming week.        

3) Remind your group of the upcoming important event especially the E-Conquest Celebration on April 24, 2011 @ 9:00 AM @ ECMI Worship Center.





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