E-Guide Lesson # 2


E-Guide Series            :  “E-FORCE:  Advancing the E-VISION”

Lesson Title                :  “The F.R.A.N.C. Principle – Building Bridges to the Unchurched”

Lesson Text                 :   John 1: 35-51



            The Book of John introduces us to the appointed Son of God, the Messiah our Savior – the Lord Jesus Christ. Here, we also learn that God has planned and ordained that Christians or believers or the Church should be the ones who must carry the message of the Gospel to the lost.



1) Give each member a copy of the “How Do People Come to Christ” Handouts. Give them time to answer the questions. 

2) After all have completed their answers, lead the group in discussing all your answers.

Transition Sentence:     

      From Scriptures, we learned that God has purposed that people come to know Christ through the preaching of the Gospel.  From experience, we also discover that many people are saved through the influence of people close to them. We call this the FRANC principle. God uses FRIENDS, RELATIVES, ACQUAINTANCES, NEIGHBORS, & COLLEAGUES to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus.



1)  Before we continue, let us spend this few minutes thanking and praising the Lord for the people that He used in your life to know the Lord Jesus.

2) Then spend the rest of the time praising and worshiping the Lord together!        



1)  Ask one or two persons to read John 1: 35-51.

2) Review last Sunday’s sermon through the Bulletin. Highlight the main points and summarize. 

3) Ask the group to share one important lesson that they have learned from the message.            

4) Ask someone to read Luke 5:29-32. According to this passage, why did Jesus spend time with “tax collectors and sinners”? (TIP:  To demonstrate His acceptance [not approval of what they are doing] of them and develop friendship).

5) What kind of activities did he do with these people? (social gathering). 

6) Why is friendship so important in reaching out to others? 

7) Write down social activities that you think could build friendship with the unchurched people?  (TIP: Record your findings for future references)

8) People are drawn to Christ when there is a time of change or deep need in their lives like: 

     *Death in the family                   *Injury or health problems

     *Separation or annulment        *Job loss or change of job

     *Marriage                                  *Pregnancy, miscarriage, birth

     *Financial problem                     *Relocation

9) Why do you think people are open to Christ at this time? Why do you think it is very imperative and very important for us to       reach out to them at this time of need? (They might turn to destructive sources of help like drugs, alcohol, illicit relationships, etc.).                                          


1)  Spend time praying for your group’s OIKOS LIST.  

2) Ask them to group themselves into 2’s or 3’s and using your ‘oikos list’, ask these questions: 

      a. Is anyone on your ‘okois list’ going through a time of change or crisis right now? 

      b. What are two things that you can do in the coming week to           show love and care or extend friendship to them? Be specific.

3) Spend time praying for your evangelistic plans and activities in the weeks to come.   


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