E-Guide Lesson # 1


E-Guide Series            :  “E-FORCE:  Advancing the E-VISION”

Lesson Title                :  “Evangelistic Lifestyle–Internalizing the E-Word”

Lesson Text                 :   Romans 1:16-17



            The Book of Romans teaches among other things the power and glory of the Gospel in salvation.  In Romans 1, Paul discusses the lostness of sinful man apart from the Gospel or Good News. The Gospel is man’s only hope of salvation.



1)   Choose any or both of the icebreaker questions: 

      a. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “EVANGELISM”? 

      b. Rebecca Pippert a Christian writer wrote:  “Christians and            non-Christians have one thing in common – They both hate  evangelism.”  Do you agree or disagree? Why 



1)   Ask someone to read Romans 1:16, 17.       

2) Review last Sunday’s sermon through the bulletin. Highlight the main points and summarize. 

3) Ask the group to share one important lesson that they have learned from the message.            

4) Share the four myths about evangelism and discuss with your    group why each myth is not a reality.

Myth #1 – Evangelism means talking to strangers. REALITY: A majority of people (80% or more) are reached by friends and family members. This means that our group will be effective if we show God’s love to those close to us!  

Myth #2  – Evangelism means saying the right words. REALITY:  The reality is that people are won to the Lord through active love (time spent together and servanthood) and words. This means our group should serve others, pray for them, and take time to listen and do good for them.

Myth #3 – Conversion is normally instantaneous. REALITY:  Conversion is a process.  This means that our group should relax and give people time to process what they earn and decide. 

Myth #4 – People are brought to Christ through the influence of just one person.  REALITY: The more Christians a non-believer knows, the more easily he/she will become a believer. This means that our group should introduce our non-Christian friends to as many Christians as possible, preferably our other cell members.


5)  Myths begin as thoughts or ideas planted by Satan in our minds and which can grow as “strongholds” or “lies.” Which of the four myths have you always believed or still believing today and that is preventing you to be an effective evangelist of the Lord? (Ministry Tip: You can always break your group into smaller groups of 2’s or 3’s or 4’s for greater interaction!)


6) What other “strongholds” or “lies” (such as fear of rejection, selfishness, laziness, impatience, lack of love, unforgiveness, etc.) are stopping you to share the Gospel?


     Pray for your group and challenge each member to surrender the “strongholds” and “lies” that are stopping them to be an effective evangelist for Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict and touch them.  End this time with a time of worship.                                             


1) From the Word Time lead the group in time of worship. Ask your song leader to prepare “Songs Sheets” so that everyone could join in this time of worship.  Close this time by singing the song “JESUS, WE ENTHRONE  YOU!” or “HE IS LORD!”



1)  Spend time asking the group to pray for one another’s needs or  concerns. 

2) Challenge the new ones or guests to attend the Sunday  Celebration and next week’s meeting.     

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