For E-Conquest E-Leaders Only

Are you an e-group leader?

On this page, you will find valuable resources that can help you in your ministry.

Based on the six-week sermon series on “E-force: Advancing the E-vision”, you can view the e-guides as follows:

    • Evangelistic Lifestyle :  Internalizing the E-Word

View Lesson 1 E-guide here

    • FRANC Principle : Building Bridges to the Unchurched

View Lesson 2 E-guide here

    • Overcoming Life:  The Greatest Evangelistic Tool

View Lesson 3 E-guide here

    • Renewal: Pursuing Spiritual Revival

View Lesson 4 E-guide here

    • Communicating JESUS: In Word and Deed

View Lesson 5 E-guide here

    • E-Group: Experiencing the E-Life

View Lesson 6 E-guide here

E-guides for E-leaders         (MS Word)

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