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Having God in Our Lives – Certainly The Best Thing That Can Happen to Us

Are you living the good life? People are looking for that thing, person or perhaps status in life that will finally make them feel that they have actually lived, or that their lives counted for something really significant. They are … Continue reading

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10 Compelling Reasons to use the EVision Devotional Journal

God wants to outpour His blessings to us – daily. Don’t miss out communing with God every day, resting in Him every day, worshiping the Lord every day -for a lifetime! Through God’s Spirit and the tool – EVision Devotional Journal, our lives can be fortified by aligning them to God’s perfect plan for us, having God-inspired devotions one day at a time.

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Dee Quirino’s Spiritual Journal for August 24

I would like to share with you today’s entry in my spiritual journal, Tuesday 24 August 2010

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A timely lesson in driving – “Bless those who curse you”

Driving is stressful. The difficult and challenging conditions really takes its toll on the driver’s patience. It is also a very goood test of character as it can reveal the inner attitudes of the heart and mind of the one in control of the wheel. Continue reading

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