Photo Credits

You like the photos featured here in  I thought so!  The really great ones were taken by a professional. Some of the other spectacular shots were taken by able and committed hobbyists.  The other not so nice ones are just shots from my cellphone.

I am blessed with friends who are skilled not only in their respective professions but in photography as well.

Thank God for your talent and your generosity to allow me to use your images.


Peter Calub, MD

I would like to especially mention and thank a high school batchmate, Dr. Peter Noel Calub for allowing me to use some of his photos here in this site.  I now see that your steady surgeon’s hand gives you a supreme advantage at photography as well.



Mikz Marcelo

On other occassions, I also use some of the photos taken by Mikz Casas Marcelo.  He is a diversely talented young man who plays the guitar passionately for the Lord.



The other beautiful photographs found her are also courtesy of Pastor Bong Manayon collections on Flicker.  He is both a professional photographer and writer.

He learned to shoot at the age of seven and has been taking photographs ever since. He is currently a faculty of the De La Salle – College of St. Benilde teaching photography.

He has degrees in Psychology (Philippine Christian University) and Theology (Asian Theological Seminary). He is also the former President of Penuel School of Theology and current serves the Lord at Union Church of Manila. He has written and published three books.

He is happily married to Liza.  They have been blessed with Erika and James (who is also into photography).



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